Can Contact Lenses Correct Eyesight?

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Here is a true or false question for you. Can contact lenses correct eyesight? The correct answer is false. Wearing contact lenses is like putting a band aid on a cut. The band aid itself doesn't cure the cut, it just protects it from getting infected. Your body naturally heals the cut. Wearing contact lenses is the same concept; they are just a temporary fix but they won't heal your eye sight. If they could heal your eyesight, you wouldn't have to continue to wear them all the time.

Here is another good example. Let's say you broke your leg and went to the doctor. Your doctor isn't going to just put a band aid on your leg and send you on your way. If that were the case, your bone would heal at an odd angle. You would eventually learn how to function with your bone at an angle and probably create new habits for yourself. But, if your doctor set your leg in a cast and let it heal properly, you will be back to functioning normally in no time at all. Artificial lenses work like a band aid on your broken bone. They teach your eyes to function with a visual disability, rather than assist you with correcting the problem naturally and returning your eyes back to normal.

Artificial lenses just allow you to continue to practice your bad habits instead of letting your body learn how to heal itself naturally. Mental strain is the main cause for most eye problems. Learning how to prevent strain to begin with is the first step to good vision. If your eye issues are small now, they have a greater chance of developing into more problems later on.

By learning how to start improving your eyesight naturally now, you can slowly start to avoid the use of those contact lenses in the days and weeks to come. By practicing some simple exercises, methods and techniques each day, you can say good bye to those contact lenses forever. Don't you think it's worth a few minutes out of each day to heal your eye sight instead of continuing to use the crutches that we have been given? Make your decision today. Continue down that same path or say goodbye to your contact lenses forever.

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Can Contact Lenses Correct Eyesight?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30