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In the theatrical industry, it is a common practice to use special effect contact lenses to transform the eyes of the actors. The eyes as one of the most precious organs are usually considered as the windows to the soul. By giving the eyes dramatic effects, the actors in the movie can incomparably pull the entire look of the character together. After some years' popular application in the theatrical industry, special effect contact lenses have spread to the general individuals who use these lenses to gain a fashion statement. The commonly known colored contact lenses are one of the typical types. Nowadays, there are more innovations in the types of special effect contacts. Hand-painted lenses are among the most popular types.


In general, hand-painted special effect contact lenses come in either plano type or prescription type. The former ones only change the eye appearance while the latter lenses can also provide vision correction. In fact, hand-painted special contact lenses are mainly used to create unnatural appearance in the eye as the purchaser desires. To some extent, artists are able to create virtually any design that is imaginable. Most of the companies selling hand-painted contact lenses give replies to people who want to know whether a design is available through email or fax. It is easy for customers to give a wanted design to the manufacturer who will paint the lenses as wanted and then pack them in a sterile solution.


In most cases, hand-painted special effect contact lenses are made out of some of the softest plastic available. Only those leading artists in the industry are capable of painting those lenses using their creative hands. Furthermore, these hand-painted special lenses always have specifically unique creation. In this sense, some people even keep these lenses for a number of years as long as they are cared for properly. It is also a prohibition to share these lenses with any other person.


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Hand-painted special effect contact lenses

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This article was published on 2010/10/15